About Us

Welcome to Alkari Devi Hospital.

Alkari Devi Hospital is a 100 bedded super-specialty hospital dedicated to the health services of gynecology (women across all ages), pediatrics(newborn, children), orthopedics, nephrology, urology, gastroenterology, advanced surgery and internal medicine along with allied facilities like blood bank, critical care unit, operation theatres, imaging, radiology, pathology and 24/7 emergency services.

Alkari Devi Hospital is serving people since last 5 years and is continuously evolving simultaneously to improve its services for the benefit of people of Dhanbad. The core values of institute providing BEST MEDICAL TREATMENT, ACCESSIBLE, AND AFFORDABLE healthcare services in the Dhanbad region.

Innovation and technological advancements have played a key role in improving health care services. We have an excellent team of super specialists to complement our advanced intensive care facilities. We a driven by a mission, everyday, to improve the health of patient by providing the best possible care, creating ground breaking scientific and clinical advancements and training the next generation of experts in health. With our top class CATHLAB we have been able to provide critical care services to the patient. This work is having an impact not only at local level but also at state and national level.

We have 3 dedicated operating theaters with advanced laparoscopic facilities. This enables us to manage any complicated child or newborn. We intend to provide focused care to this one unit (mother and child) since we believe that this will ensure best outcome for mothers and children and finally they can have a hospital which they can call their “OWN”.

We believe in delivering the highest possible care at an affordable price to the patient. We are ably supported in this gesture by generous donations from our well-wishers and our former patients. Our vision is to provide world-class facilities for the patients in India at a price which we Indians can afford. We are empanelled with all leading TPAs for providing cashless benefits to the people of in and around Dhanbad.