Neonatal & Pediatrics


At Alkari Devi Hospital, the Division of Neonatal Care aims to provide optimum state-of-the-art care for critically ill and recovering neonates and infants. Alkari Devi Hospital provide round the clock cover and function as a team to babies admitted to the unit. The highly qualified team of neonatologists with neonatal trained nurses who specializes in the care of the newborn at Alkari Devi Hospital offers high-intensity neonatal care 24/7. Parents are allowed to visit their babies with unlimited access. They are encouraged to actively participate in the day to day care of their baby. Mothers are encouraged to room in with the baby for milk feeding and monitor until they are fit for discharge.

With a bed strength on 20 units. we have a level 3 tertiary set up with advanced equipments including high frequency ventilators catering to pre mature babies with special needs and those born after high risk pregnancies such as IVF.

Our multi-level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is not just for high-risk pregnancies or premature births. Even full-term babies sometimes unexpectedly need a little extra support. At Alkari Devi, the Department of Neonatology has neonatologists, pediatricians, pediatrics surgeons and nurses trained in new-born care. We also have respiratory therapists who manage respiratory equipment in the NICU, providing breathing treatments, drawing and analyzing blood gasses, and participating in transport and codes. We also offer advanced neonatal screening programmers such as genetic disorders screening, a retinal screening, OAE & BERA hearing screening, hip screening, and heart screening.

We recommend parents to participate during medical rounds and engage in skin-to-skin contact, which has been shown to have a positive impact on an infant’s neurologic and physical health.

With state-of-the-art Neonatal Transport facility (NICU Ambulance or ICU on the wheels), Alkari Devi Hospital can carry out acute neonatal transfers on the road. The ambulance is equipped with a transport incubator which helps babies maintain temperature and the ventilator gives breathing support at the same time as being transferred.

Neonatal Treatments and Procedures

  • Provide neonatal resuscitation at every delivery.
  • Care of babies born to high-risk mothers.
  • Care of low birth weight babies.
  • Care of sick newborn.
  • Post-operative care.
  • Newborn screening for hearing defects and inborn errors of metabolism.
  • Antenatal counseling.
  • Neonatal surgery including urological and thoracic problems.
  • Total body cooling.


Department of General pediatrics at Alkari Devi hospitals consists of a team of pediatrics specialists that cater to all the needs of children of every age group and provide the best care for your child’s development with high level care in pediatrics services including inpatient, outpatient , pediatrics ICU, Pediatric Super specialties and Pediatric surgeries.

The team of qualified and committed pediatricians can handle all situations from basic check-ups and vaccinations to emergencies and surgical care.

Pediatric treatments and procedures

  • Immunization
  • Vaccination
  • Asthma management
  • Developmental screenings
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Sports physicals
  • Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Weight management
  • Well-child exams
  • Neurology
  • Asthma / Pulmonologist
  • Diabetes / Endocrinology
  • Dermatology
  • Audiology
  • Digestive care / Gastroenterology
  • Infectious disease
  • Ear / Nose / Throat
  • Plastic surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Heart care
  • Orthopedics and sports medicine
  • Rheumatology surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Rehabilitation

With the best in class Pediatricians, well trained nurses and facilities, you can rest assured that at Alkari Devi, your baby is in great hands because we understand how important the wellbeing of your little one is to you and we care for them like our own.


DM (Neonatology)
MD (Pediatrics)